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Black Dads Are Doing Best of All

One of the most persistent statistical bludgeons of people who want to blame black people for any injustice or inequity they encounter is this: According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.), in 2013 in nearly 72 percent of births to non-Hispanic black […]

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On The Decline – Numbers of African-American Students on Illinois Campuses Are Dropping

Thursday nights were always special, Cortlon Cofield says, during his freshman year at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. That’s because Thursdays were “Food for the Soul” night in the Florida Avenue Residence Hall (known as FAR). “This was an event where the cafe served soul food and […]

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Studies link childhood lead exposure, violent crime

After growing up poor in a predominantly African-American neighborhood of Cincinnati, the young adults had reached their early 20s. One by one, they passed through an MRI machine that displayed their brains in sharp, cross-sectioned images. For those who had been exposed to lead as toddlers, even […]

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African American History Museum to Host Artifacts from Wrecked Slave Ship

This marks the first time in history that archaeologists have documented a wrecked vessel that had been carrying slaves, researchers say. Read more…

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Poll Finds Nearly 2/3 of Illinoisans Support Raising Revenue for Community Prevention & Medicaid through a Sugary Drink Tax

A new public opinion poll shows that 65 percent of Illinois voters support a proposal to raise funding for Medicaid and community health programs that prevent heart disease, diabetes and obesity through a penny per ounce tax on sugary drinks. At a time when the Illinois General […]

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Underprivileged African-Americans Have Higher Risk for Heart Disease

Recent research findings may help health care professionals participating in a new Affordable Care Act payment model identify patients at greatest risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). The Million Hearts CVD Risk Reduction model was introduced at a White House Conference on Aging regional forum on May 28, […]

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The Life and Times of Jackie Ormes, America’s First African-American Syndicated Comic Artist

Comics can be more than just a funny panel of stories. Woven together like a patch quilt, its strip can tell the narratives of a generation with a block of successive drawings. Jackie Ormes, the first African-American woman to have a syndicated comic strip, paved and pioneered […]

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This paper examines the differences in retail workers’ occupations, earnings, and schedules to reveal how employment in the retail industry fails to meet the needs of the Black and Latino workforce and, as a result, perpetuates racial inequality. Read more…

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Old African-American celebration given second life in New York

An African-American celebration called Pinkster dating back to the 17th century is enjoying a quiet revival in New York, giving the city a fresh glimpse at the largely ignored contribution that black colonists made to America’s emerging culture. Considered the oldest African-American holiday, Pinkster was virtually unknown […]

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We don’t need fewer lawyers. We need cheaper ones.

Unable to afford representation, more Americans are going to court alone, and they’re losing. In 2014, a Louisiana woman, J., landed in court after a dispute with her landlord over a $25 parking fee. J., 52, was suffering from cancer and did not have an attorney. The […]

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