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Save Lives: Tell Your State Representative to Support SB 661 – ILAACP

Save Lives: Tell Your State Representative to Support SB 661

We need your help to ensure at-risk patients get life saving Hepatitis C Screenings. Please contact your State Representative TODAY and ask them to support SB 661. This bill will be voted on in the coming days and it will require that patients considered high risk for Hepatitis C be offered a screening.

Here is some sample text to include in your email but feel free to personalize your message:

“As your constituent, I am asking you to support SB 661. This patient advocacy bill will ensure that the more than 200,000 Illinoisans believed to be infected with Hepatitis C are given the opportunity to know their status, get treatment and even become cured. Despite the fact that this simple and inexpensive skin prick test is virtually 100% effective and has been established for 20-years, physicians are not offering these screenings. How do we know? Because evidence suggest that 75% of those carrying this potentially deadly virus are unaware they have the disease.

SB 661 is critical to the public health and well being of our community and the time to eradicate this diseases is now! Hepatitis C can remain stagnant in your body for decade. Advancements in therapy offer a cure for Hepatitis C that is 95% effective and as simple as taking pills for 12-weeks. This will save the state money and improve the qualify of life for so many because being cured will avoid organ failure, cancer, live transplants and so many other complications that are inevitable with leaving Hepatitis C untreated. I am asking you to VOTE YES for SB 661.”

For more information on how SB 661 will save lives please click here.

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