Illinois Bullying Prevention Taskforce

In 2011, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), pursuant to Public Act 96-952 – Prevent School Violence Act (PSVA) – established the Illinois School Bullying Prevention Task Force (Task Force). The Task Force, administered by ISBE, is populated by representatives of state agencies, regional offices of educations and school districts, as well as teachers, researchers, and high school students. ISBE appointed the ILAACP to the Task Force.

The PSVA charged the Task Force with:

  • Exploring the causes and consequences of bullying in schools in this State,
  • Identifying promising practices that reduce incidences of bullying,
  • Highlighting training and technical assistance opportunities for schools to effectively address bullying, and
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of schools’ current anti bullying policies and other bullying prevention programs.

For a copy of the Task Force’s recommendations, please click here.

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